Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – April 6 2015

This past week I worked on the gallery drawers for the lower case and got the upper case all finished and mostly assembled.  Lindsay and I started working on the family room flooring project by removing the carpet from the room in anticipation of the hardwood floors that I will be making in a couple months.   I also answer a question about wood movement in quarter sawn material.

The Matt & Matthew Show:

Matt's Weekly Shop Update - March 30 2015
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – March 30 2015

Sawmill Day
Sawmill Day

Sawing Logs to Achieve Different Grain Patterns
Sawing Logs to Achieve Different Grain Patterns
Log Trailer

Making Ramp Mounts for my Trailer

I wanted aluminum ramps so they’d be lightweight and I bought some vs making them myself because after building this trailer, I just wanted to

Woodworking Projects

Walnut Dressing Vanity Build

To start things off, I’ll make the panel which will become the sides and top. While that’s sitting in the clamps, I’ll prep the material

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