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Baby Rattle by Jeff

See attached for images of one of my favorite quarantine using-what-I-have-on-hand projects, a baby rattle for a friend of mine who just found out she’s expecting her first child. It’s made from small scraps of a pine 1×4 and walnut cabinet samples, sanded to 1500 grit and finished with butcher block oil.

Crib by Jeff

A walnut and maple crib for my first born child. The joinery is mortise and tenon and the back arch was done with bent lamination. The sides are connected with knock down hardware to convert into a bed when the time comes.

Maloof Inspired Rocker by Kevin

I was able to finish up this maloof inspired walnut rocker based on the wood whisperer guild plans. This took me about 2.5 years, working on it periodically when I had breaks from medical school. Just finished my program and am heading out there on the frontlines soon!

Campaign Bookshelf by Bill

I made a Campaign Furniture style bookcase for my daughter out of Walnut.  The bookcase is 48 inches tall, 44 inches wide and the shelves are 7 inches deep.  All four corners on the top and bottom pieces have brass pins, partly for strength and partly for looks.

Home Addition & Renovation

Upper Cabinets and Range Hood Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation.  Today I am going to be working on this wall. It needs some upper cabinets and the surround for

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