Triton Router Giveaway

Triton and I are giving away one of their awesomely innovative 2 1/4hp routers.  The giveaway is open to anyone residing in the US or Europe.  The giveaway ends Dec 5, 2016 11:59PM CST.  I will announce the winner Dec 6 on my Weekly Shop Update.  Good luck!

Learn more about the router:

Triton MOF001 Router

Home Addition & Renovation

Upper Cabinets and Range Hood Surround

Welcome back to our home renovation.  Today I am going to be working on this wall. It needs some upper cabinets and the surround for

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  1. Your channel is great, I’m awaiting with baited breath each saw mill update. That thing looks like a massive project!

  2. Matt, That band-saw build is beastly! As a fellow Minnesotan (A little farther north) I feel your pain with the winter weather fast approaching. No time to waste.

  3. awesome bandsaw project, great videos of other projects, very nice router, could get an awesome router if i win it …

  4. Belgian reader/viewer here. Would like to trade the router for some of our beers or chocolate or will that be considered cheating 😀

  5. Love your channel! I’m opening my own shop, and that router would be a treasure for me!! Thanks for the opportunity !!

    Ps: the bandsaw mill is like……..CRAZY!!!

    Good work!

  6. Greatly dissapointed that giveaway is only open to US or European residents when your & Tritons followers are world wide, obviously that doesn’t matter to Triton.

  7. A router will be awesome to have in my shop…
    Thank you Matt for all the great videos, like your channel.

  8. Hey Matt is this available for Canada i assume yes since you listed states and europe?if not well i entered anyway haha

  9. Hey Matt, liked your video on the motor. I was looking to do a similar thing with my lathe, but ended up settling for a DC motor and a controller for it. Overall I like the way it works, but I think you would have a tough time finding a large enough DC motor for the mill (mine is only 1hp, but you might be able to find a 2 or 3 hp for your raising/lowering mechanism). Saves you some hassle having to deal with a VFD.

  10. really lucked out on this Minnesota weather. Good luck getting it done before it gets really cold here. Awesome project keep up the good work

  11. Just sending a brief note of thanks for all your efforts. Very much appreciated and I loved the triton mini doc about how you got into woodworking and began your obsession with the craft. Look forward to seeing a gallery of all the slabs you cut with that bandsaw mill!

  12. Project coming along nicely. It’ll surely be nive to get the first cuts done. I bet you are looking forward to milling some of that massive stack building up.
    I feel like that with the ever growing stack of turning wood in my garden. Going from woodturner to woodcollector.

    A small note on the give-away:
    I entered the give-away and there’s some maths in the confirmation that doesn’t quite make sense to me:
    “There are 2 more entries you could complete which would improve your chances by 100%”
    Another two entries will not increase my chances of winning by 100%, but it will increase my number of entries by 100%.
    My chances of winning should be some probability involving the total number of entries vs. my number of entries.

  13. Loving the bandsaw mill project keep up the great work and thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway 🙂 have q good one

  14. Matt, I really enjoy your channel. I have just started following folks like yourself, April WIlkerson and Jimmy Diresta. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and making things. ( mostly just stuff around the house now ) But you have all inspired me to do more. I have been trapped in the corporate world for a long time and it may be coming to an end. Thus the inspiration. Keep up the good work and keep making videos. THANK YOU.

  15. My husband and I love your work. Wouldn’t he be surprised if I won this?! Ha! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with the world! Bless you!

  16. I don’t normal post comments or enter competitions as I live in the UK but I must say that I like your YouTube channel especially the one you have done with April Wilkerson. Thanks for what you are doing and keep up the good work.

  17. I’ve been trying to get into the milling game. Money is tight but I’ve been slowly acquiring the goods. Got a Stijl MS 441 with a 36″ bar and rip chain. So far I’ve just used a Hadden lumber maker to cut some huge slabs out of a red oak I got for free. Gonna go with the panther pro mill for Christmas. My buddy and I built a solar kiln to dry the lumber with mostly free material. I’d love to use this router to make a flattening sled and a free one is exactly in my price range.

    1. jumping in on this conversation, Travis, what solar kiln design were you using? and your geographic area (not your address for heavens sake!
      I’m in Baltimore with a row home and a pretty stout garage, and was thinking of having the garage roof do double duty next year for a kiln and my grape/blackberry vines.
      I’m just concerned with the footprint.
      you can email me directly if you want or just comment here. thanks

      1. Hey not too far away, up here in Harrisburg. Kiln is facing south, everything I read said to build the pitch of the roof equal to the latitude of your location. So mine is roughly 40°. I got a bunch of insulated high efficiency windows for free from an Amish guy who does windows so I built window panels with them instead of buying expensive greenhouse glass. In the spring I will install a solar powered fan to circulate air to remove moisture. Not sure if these articles are helpful for your garage plans but these were the most helpful things I found, lots of good info:

  18. I am now way too old to put out so much energy so I REALLY admire your work! I am totally in awe of what you’ve accomplished since leaving the world of computers. Would that I had had your influence when I decided to stop programming & support. You have my total admiration. Keep up the great work.

  19. My husband and I love your channel!! Thank you for sharing your skills, you’re wood work is amazing Matt :). You’ve inspired my husband, he has started doing different things with wood which is not his usual trade.

  20. Matt, just ran across your cutting board video – AWESOME ! I’ve been looking for a way to “plane” end grain cutting boards & I believe I found it. The Triton router would help with this project. Thanks for the great videos.

  21. New subscriber here, already watched dozens of your videos!! Great stuff Matt. Awesome work and great motivation for me to keep building and making things.

  22. Great channel Matt – not sure I will ever be able to tackle anything like as complex as your Band Saw Mill! Looking forward to seeing it working though. Many thanks.

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