National Woodworking Month

Did you know April is national woodworking month?  National woodworking month is an entire month dedicated to the celebration and sharing of this amazing craft.  To celebrate Rockler, has put together in store classes, free plans, project kits and are making a contribution to the Hardwood Forestry Fund; a non-profit which targets planting and management of commercially valuable hardwoods.

If you can’t already tell, I love woodworking and what inspires me the most is the wood itself.  Wood is an amazing medium to work in.  It is organic, dynamic, and beautiful – there is nothing like it.   The thought that I can give a tree a new life as a piece of furniture really inspires and motivates me to do my best work to make something that will last to be cherished for generations.  It’s this idea that I get to decide how the wood is presented – the grain, the color, even what are commonly referred to as defects – all contribute to the artistry of working with wood.

This month get out and do some woodworking.  Start with a tree if you can, make your own lumber and when you get back into the shop, start paying attention to the organic nature of wood.  You’ll be happy you did and your projects will have a little more hint on artistry in them.

Above all, get out to the shop and experiment with this amazing medium and if you can, bring someone with you to share in this amazing craft.  Thanks for watching and as always, happy woodworking.

Rockler’s Celebration of National Woodworking Month:
Clips shown in this video:
May Days in the Woods:
Slabbing White Oak Logs:
Slabbing the Red Oak Log:
Sawmill Day:
The Secretary Desk Doors:
Making and Installing Gooseneck Moldings:
Live Face Bench:
Building a Dovetailed Tea Chest pt 2:
Walnut Coffee Table:
Maple and Walnut Crib:
Fan Carving:
Changing Table:
Back to Where it Began:

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