What Saw Blades Do You Use? – Ask Matt #15

In this Ask Matt we talk about the saw blades that I use in my shop with my table saw and bandsaw.

Table Saw Blades

I’m one of those strange people who use a dedicated rip and crosscut blade.

For ripping operations, I use a full kerf Glue Line Rip blade from Freud.  It gives really clean cuts with no saw marks or burning (if stock is fed consistently).

glue line rip

For crosscut operations, I use a full kerf Ultimate Cut-Off blade from Freud.  It gives perfectly crisp crosscuts with no tearout.

ultimate cut off

The dado blade that I use is the 8″ Dadonator from Infinity.  It is an amazing dado blade.  It gives very clean cuts for both with and across the grain.  It also produces very flat bottom cuts.


Bandsaw Blade

I keep the same blade in my bandsaw at all times.  I have a 1/2″ 3tpi Lenox Tri-Master carbide tipped blade.  It’s incredible.



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  1. Good morning Matt,
    What metal cutting blade do you use for your circular saw. Like the one you used when building your sawmill?
    Thank you

  2. Hi Matt–
    I have a few slabs of 2″ thick walnut with epoxy pours along parts (large sections) of the edges. I have a Milwaukee M18 Circular Saw that I am using to trim the edges– have tried a diamond blade and stone blade– neither can quite get through the slabs. Do you have any suggestions on a blade to use, or maybe if I just need a more powerful saw?

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