Ask Matt Live #4

Questions I answer

1:15 Where do you live?
1:17 What do you do for a living?
1:25 How do you make money?
1:49 Do your neighbors ever complain?
2:15 I tore down some houses down here in Mississippi that dated back to the turn of last century and those houses had a good bit of Heart Pine and other Hard wood in them.  The wood has been sitting awhile and I am worried about bugs,  Now, about your work, do you worry about bringing in bugs with the logs you scavenge?  Do you inspect for the critters or spray?
4:40 I have a small band saw that seems to do what I need it to do for the most part, although it is definitely limited on cutting thicker material. My question is about band saw drift, I have heard and read where this seems to be a problem with most/all (?) band saws, and was wondering if this is only a concern when resawing?
5:55 Also, why would a person need to spend the money and floor space for a large band saw when their table saw does a great job resawing material up to about 8\”?
6:50 What part of your new career do you find most satisfying?
7:17 What feel like work?
7:49 Any tips on removing wood glue from clamps and other unwanted surfaces? Other than scraping.
8:50 What would be the minimum CC requirements for a dedicated chainsaw mill chainsaw?
9:45 If you had to get rid of one tool, what would it be and the opposite would be if you had to keep one tool your favorite what would it be?
10:49 Can you make a living out of You Tube?
12:02 Was wondering whats your advice when it comes to using linseed oil vs polyurethane for countertops ? and if linseed oil whats the proper way of applying it?
13:08 I have noticed when you make handcut dovetails, the pins are quite small. Sometimes it is difficult for you to get your chisels into the narrow areas. Is there a reason you make your pins so small?
13:56 How long until you offer a hands on dovetail course?
14:28 I’m about to buy a table saw. The only question I have is how much power do I need? The one I’m looking at has just over 2 HP and don’t know if that’s enough.
15:35 What tool do you wish you had?
16:01 Why don’t you put finish on the inside of a drawer?
16:23 Could you please explain your setup and lighting you used for the photos of your sofa table.
18:00 Chainsaw sharpening– what should I buy? File, dremel, big expensive sharpener? (I have a small chainsaw and don’t mind doing it by hand.) What is your preferred method (if you diy)?
19:27 What does an average day look like for you? It seems like you’re never not doing something. Between dad duty, woodworking, editing, milling, how do you find enough hours in the day?
21:30 Mac, PC, or Linux !!??
21:46 Your dream project.. go!
21:50 Hey, what happened to your mop?
22:15 When picking out a dovetail saw, what is your recommendation? How many teeth per inch? there are so many variants to choose from…
23:50 Hi Matt, I’m looking at buying a planer, what should i look for, or avoid? I was looking at the WEN at Home Depot. im a weekend woodworker at best
25:12 Where can we get those stickers?!
25:46 Im a weekend warrior woodworker and heavily considering a Festool Domino. Do you feel that its justified for the money? As far as time savings and ease of use?
27:32 Any plans for making plantation shutter videos? I’m thinking of making some for my windows and would like to see your take on it.
28:00 I’ve been on the sawmillcreek, familywoodworking and forums, but never lumberjocks. Yet it seems I’ve seen several youtubers refer to lumberjocks. Is there something about that forum, or is this just a weird coincidence?
29:00 When is the Matt & Dema collab coming?!
29:17 Who is your favourite You Tube woodworker?
30:09 How did you get started and learn your craft? So few High Schools have shop class any more. And I think that is areal shame.
31:40 For milling do you see a big difference in using a ripping chain versus standard crosscut in relation to speed vs quality?
32:47 Do you get all of your milling wood for free? How do you arrange to make that happen?
33:50 As a new Father have you given any thought to whether or not you will teach your skills to JR and how?
36:00 What is your Achilles heal of woodworking that you would like to overcome? Mine was just using a table saw and it took some time not be afraid of the thing
36:43 Seems like you just have wood at your disposal any time you want.. how often do you actually have to purchase wood?
37:42 Dominoes are super commonly used these days.. why havent we seen the cheaper brand other than festool yet? Do you see something in the near future?
38:16 What project got you into woodworking? and what project were you first truly proud of the finish product?
39:08 Ever done any Sam Maloof style stuff?
39:27 Do you have to do anything special on the tree’s you mill to stop the bugs inside? like beetles and such? not sure if they are prevalent where you live. Reason I ask is that I do termite inspections for a living and when I go to my supplier I always check.
40:37 Most of your projects seem to be for your family. Are you currently selling anything you make?
40:58 I see you only cut slabs plainsawn. Is there a reason for not quartersawing lumber.
41:49 How involved is Lindsay with your woodworking or video projects? I was impressed when she was assisting you remove the wood flooring from your house.
42:44 Any future plans to do additional “day in the woods” videos?
43:13 How often do you use your mortising machine?
43:33 I am doing the sofa table build. Wondering if you would put together a lumber package i could buy from you for it?
44:23 Do you do any trading of milled wood? Are there any types of wood you would like to get for your self?
45:30 How much lumber do you have drying or in stock at any given time?
46:03 Helical carbide cutters vs. straight knife cutters for jointers and planers? Your recommendation?
48:29 Have you ever thought about a DIY sawmill build?
48:39 Do you plan to do more classes for the wood whisperer or will you be starting your own thing?
49:10 Do you think woodworking is on the rise? Seems to me that it is becoming more popular. If so, why do you think that is?
49:53 Do you have other hobbies beside wood related stuff ?
50:37 Have you ever found yourself in a project where nothing seems to be going right? IE things out of square, joinery not working out etc? How do you pull yourself from that rutt and finish the project?

Home Addition & Renovation

Cabinetry and open seating

Welcome back to our home renovation and remodel.  Today, I am hoping to have the island cabinetry built out, as well as getting the leg

Home Addition & Renovation

White Oak Kitchen Island Leg

Welcome back to the shop! I’m continuing on with the white oak island build. Last time I made the end panels for the cabinetry unit,

9 Responses

  1. I would like to get copy of plans for your mill and material list with locations of where you purchased materials

  2. Hello Matt. I’m very Interested in purchasing the download / instructions to build a monster size wood mill the same as yours. I was literally about to purchase a wood mizer lt40 but then I came across your website. I’m just curious if you could provide a ball park price for the materials and what that average cost is to fabricate. Please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Hi Matt.
    I built a bandsaw box with redwood from California ( with permission to acquire the redwood ). I wanted to keep the natural color so I used general water based performance gloss finish. It was great as far as the color goes but the gloss wasn’t as good as I wanted and I know water based is a lot less. My question is can I use a couple coats of Arm-R-Seal gloss oil based for the gloss that I like and will the gloss come out. Thanks for your time. Terry Archibald.

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